Kritika Chaos Unleashed Game

Kritika Chaos Unleashed Game

Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack n Cheat

Kritika Chaos Unleashed game is one of the most awaited games that was currently released recently. I would suggest to everyone that you need to try this game. The story about this is actually my brother started downloading games in my iPAD. I believe he saw this game and play for it for a while suddenly he was hook and never stop playing it even if it is my iPAD. So i was curios and ask him how to play with it. So he taught me and after a while i was addicted as well. Up until now i’m still playing this awesome game. What i like about Kritika Chaos Unleashed is that the game play is unique. It’s not like your everyday hack and slash game. Because there is a lot features that you can do with this game. For now you can only play with two character classes and that is the BERSKERER and the CAT ACROBAT. Other characters are soon to come. I tell you that the graphics are very good. When you active your skills is like the real deal. The glow effect of your equipment are the best as well.

Right now I’m currently level 50 and to tell you the truth it’s not that hard to level up. The good thing about this game is the auto mode which your main hero will just attack enemies and you can cast his skill while in auto mode. Added to that you can craft your equipment as well. For starters you can just craft magical up to legendary equipment. In order for you to craft high powered weapons, armors and accessories is you need to collect certain materials and craft these items. When you enhance or upgrade your equipment you will see different glows. The higher the enhancement of the item the more glow it actually make.

I’m waiting for the next update to play with the other characters and i know others are waiting as well since the two original classes are already the best what more for the new ones right? I’ve heard about the Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack but i still don’t know on how they do that but for me i’m already satisfied with my characters. But sometimes when you think about how people do that you are curious as well. They say that Curiosity kills the cat. So i think i’ll stay away for that one.

So i think that it for now. I’ll be updating this once the new update comes. So stay tuned and thanks for reading this garbage. Well would you look at that my brother is still playing Kritika Chaos Unleashed game. So stay tuned because i’m going to play as well. So next time alright? See you when i see you. To be continued>>

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